GoBox for Elecraft KX3

I liked the KX3 GoBox designed by Tom OE2ATN so much, that I wanted to build one for myself. It not only looks great, but it’s also quite ruggedized and mostly water proof. This comes in handy when setting up the station in the snow or on wet or muddy ground.

Below a few pictures that also show the internals of the GoBox. I chose to use JST power connectors instead of the Powerpoles that Tom used (the latter are superior, but JST is my personal standard for all my rigs and battery packs). And I don’t need the clock because I’m using an electronic logbook.

The battery is a 4 cell LiFePo4 pack with a capacity of 2300mAH. It works very well with the KX3, because even fully charged it does not exceed 13.9V.

Find the details about the original GoBox on Toms webpage: http://www.oe2atn.at/tom/gobox/