Monthly Archives: June 2013

HB/SG-034 Stockberg – 1781m, 6 points

Date: 22-06-2013 12:21-13:23 UTC
Not so promising WX when arriving, the Stockberg was hidden within a big cloud. A special permit is required to drive up to Risipass with a motor vehicle. This permit can be bought at a small (unmanned) booth on the way up. Be sure to bring CHF 10.- in cash, as there is no possibility for exchange. The way up from Risipass to Stockberg is rather easy and takes less than 1 hour. It gets a little steep once you reach the final ridge. There’s a new wooden cross on the summit (marked 2012). Visibility was down to about 50m, however later in the afternoon it cleared up a bit and it was possible to get some glimpses down in the valley and of the surrounding mountains.
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HB/SZ-022 Roggenstock – 1778m, 6 points

Date: 15-06-2013 11:05-12:02 UTC
Access to the parking lot on Fuederegg is only allowed for special permit holders. There’s a public parking opportunity about 2km below, just before the ‘No access’ traffic sign. The way up to the summit is well marked and not too difficult. Nice 360 degree view from the top. Unfortunately my camera slipped out of my pocket on the way up, and I noticed only when I wanted to take some pictures on the top. So I asked a friendly hiker couple that was about to descent to look out for it. They agreed and the gent said, he would give a loud whistle should he discover the camera, and deposit it at a signpost further down the way. Sure enough: While setting up the station a loud whistle sounded from below. Phew, the day was saved. Thanks to the unknown finder! On the summit next to the cross there were thousands of insects, mostly some kind of flying ants. This made operating very uncomfortable at times (especially when they got on the glasses, into the ears,etc). On the descent, I spotted a small marmot family, just emerging from their holes. Cute. A bit later, it started raining, fortunately the parking was already nearby.
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HB/LU-007 Beichle – 1770m, 6 points

Date: 08-06-2013 11:24-12:16 UTC
Finally a weekend with good WX after a rainy May. There’s a parking opportunity on abt. 1500m altitude, so less than 300m ascent is required on foot. The summit was quite busy due to the good WX, I found a quiet spot a few meters further down tough. I tried 12m on the KX3 and achieved 2 HB9 QSOs (one of them an S2S with HB9BCB/P from HB/BE-159, 40km away, booming in at 599 + 20db).
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