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HB/UR-074 Brandegg – 1108m, 2 points

Date: 09-05-2013 11:16-11:41 UTC
Paul HB9DST notified me about his planned activation of a rare Kanton Uri summit, so I spontaneously decided to join in. Despite the WX forecast not beeing too promising, the actual WX was surprisingly good and we had a lot of sun. Parked at the cable car station in Seelisberg. The hike up was easy, however the summit itself was quite difficult to access as there is no path within the activation zone. So we had to fight our way through the brushwood, which we did only so far to be well within the activation zone.
On this activation I used my new MTR rig (Mountain Top’er, by Steve Weber KD1JV) for the first time. Excellent little rig, wonderfully quiet and sensitive receiver, very small and lightweight. Also as a first, I tested a new half-wave end-fed dipole (EndFedZ 30/40). I forgot to bring the coax that connects the antenna to the rig, fortunately Paul could help me out with a spare one. Phew, thanks Paul! The antenna worked very well, I need however more practice in hanging it up the trees. Paul was already working on a pileup while I was still struggling with the wires.
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