HB/BL-007 Geissflue – 963m, 1 point

Date: 18-05-2013 12:36-13:18 UTC
First activation in BL, nice weather, Saturday before Whitsunday and a lot of hikers on the way up and down the summit. Big parking lot available. Easy ascent, less than 20 minutes, slightly steep in some parts. There’s a restaurant at the bottom of the hill, open on weekends only though: http://www.schafmatt.ch/

QSO: 27 (21 on 40m, 6 on 30m)
S2S: HB9CGA/P on HB/TG-002, HB9BCB/P on HB/BE-156, OK1DVM/P on OK/PL-018
Rig: MTR, EndFedZ 30/40, 5W
Hiking distance: 0.98km
Hiking duration: 18min
Ascent: 152m

GPS Track