HB/SZ-019 Grosser Mythen – 1898m, 6 points

Date: 25-07-2013 09:09-10:20 UTC
The Grosse Mythen is a very popular mountain due to its interesting shape and beautiful 360 degree view from the top. On weekends it is very crowded, so avoid this time whenever possible. The fastest way to access the summit is by using the cable car from Brunni to Holzegg (car park available in Brunni, CHF 15.- for a two way ticket). From Holzegg it takes little more than 1 hour to the summit on foot. The way up has been widened and all difficult parts are secured by rails and chains. So it’s not difficult (albeit quite steep sometimes). On the top, a restaurant (!) offers some rewards for the exhausting ascent.

QSO: 65 (31 on 40m, 26 on 30m, 8 on 12m)
S2S: HB9DST/P (HB/UR-066), HB9AFH/P (HB/SZ-013), MW6GWR/P (GW/NW-063), OE8SPW/P (OE/KT-132), HB9CKV/P (HB/GR-154), F5MNO/P (F/MC-167), OE7PHI/P (OE/TI-566)
Rig: KX3, 12W, Ant: 10m Vert.
Hiking distance: 1.9km
Hiking duration: 1h 3min
Ascent: 492m

GPS Track