HB/SZ-035 Dossen/Dosse – 1685m, 4 points

Date: 11-01-2014 11:54-13:20 UTC
Easy snowshoe hike. Took the cable way from Kräbel to Rigi-Scheidegg (CHF 22, with half-fare card CHF 11). There’s a big parking lot at the valley station in Kräbel (parking fee). It’s reachable by a small mountain road going up from Goldau. As there was no snow, it was easy to get there, however in deep winter it might be more challenging.
The first part of the hike is downhill, from Scheidegg to Hinder Dosse. From there the final ascent to the summit starts (30min, 140m up).

QSO: 67 (15 on 40m, 43 on 30m, 9 on 12m)
S2S: 8
Rig: KX3, 12W, Ant: 10m Vert.
Hiking distance: 2.3km
Hiking duration: 49min
Ascent: 156m
Descent: 98m

GPS Track