HB/FR-035 La Combe/ La Combert – 1082m, 2 points

Date: 31-05-2014 11:16-11:45 UTC
In order to make progress on the HB9SOTA diploma, I decided to activate a new Canton. Using Google Earth, I found a suitable parking spot for ‘La combe’ (or so I thought…). The first 20 minutes were steeper than anticipated, and I was already a bit exhausted when I stumbled upon another parking space. Bummer… So if you want to save time, consider this alternative parking location. Nothing special on the rest of the hike, although the path was quite soggy and plowed by horse riders. The summit is in the forest and quite unspectacular.

QSO: 21 (20 on 40m, 1 on 30m)
S2S: OZ/DL6AP/P (OZ/OZ-005), HB9BCB/P and HB9AFI/P (HB/VS-239)
Rig: MTR, Par EndFedz 30/40
Hiking distance: 2.3km
Hiking duration: 45min
Ascent: 298m

GPS Track