Daily Archives: 16/03/2013

HB/OW-022 Jänzi – 1738m, 4 points

Date: 16-03-2013 15:51-15:57 UTC
Second activation this day after Schlierengrat (HB/OW-021). Although there was a path on the map leading from Schlierengrat down to the valley (Schlierental), it was not visible due to high snow. I hoped to find some tracks from previous hikers, but there were none. So I used the GPS to descend as close to the original path as possible. Walking down the untouched snow surface with snowshoes was a great experience. Once down in the valley, I followed the main trail for about 1km to the south-west, before turning left to the path leading up to Jänzi. I was already quite exhausted from all the hiking, but fortunately the ascent was quite moderate. I reached Jänzi about 16:40 local time, so I had to hurry up (11 QSOs in 6 minutes) to make it back to the parking lot at Langis before dusk.
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HB/OW-021 Schlierengrat – 1748m, 4 points

Date: 16-03-2013 12:24-12:54 UTC
Still plenty of snow, so another opportunity for a snowshoe activation. Double activation together with Jänzi, HB/OW-022. Huge parking lot at Langis, however not free (CHF 1/hour). I underestimated the time required for the trip and paid for 5 hours only (it turned out to take 7 hours). Fortunately, there was no parking ticket waiting for me upon return. After the Andresenhütte, a medium steep ascent to the ridge (Schlierengrat) follows. Once on the ridge, the path slightly ascents along the ridge for about 2.5km, up to the final peak of Schlierengrat at 1748m.
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