HB/AR-008 Hochalp – 1530m, 4 points

Date: 17-02-2013 13:02-13:53 UTC
First tour with my brand new snow shoes. Planned first to take the longer but more scenic route from Barenegg (northwest of Hochalp), however the road to Barenegg was closed. Reverted to more direct route from north. WX: high fog at the beginning, turning into real fog from abt. 100m below the summit. Visibility was down to 20-30m.

QSO: 55 (33 on 40m, 22 on 30m)
Rig: KX3, 10m Vert., 10W
Parking: N 47.28975 E 9.24955
Hiking distance: 2.1km
Hiking duration: 1h 10min (with breaks)
Ascent: 325m

GPS Track