HB/AG-011 Würz – 801m, 1 point

Date: 23-03-2013 15:51-15:57 UTC
Today was the annual assembly of the Swiss SOTA Chapter (HB9SOTA). It was great for me to finally meet the persons behind the so well-known call signs and to exchange stories and tips about activations and equipment.
I planned to activate Würz (HB/AG-011) after the assembly, and sure enough, a number of fellow hams decided spontaneously to join in. In the end, a merry group of 5 operators (Hugo HB9AFH, Jürg HB9BIN, Hans HB9BQU, Paul HB9DST and myself) were on the way to the summit. It was only a short stroll from the parking, about 35 minutes, but just right for an mid-afternoon activation. The way up was quite muddy due to the just recently melted snow (you know the feeling when your boots get heavier and heavier due to collecting mud). On the summit, 4 stations were set up, 3 HF and one VHF, covering all bands from 40m to 2m. It was interesting to watch the colleagues in action, and many interesting conversation spun off. Only too soon we packed up and headed down to the car park. All agreed that such joint activations should be organized more often. A great day it was, indeed.

QSO: 14 on 30m
Rig: KX3, 10m Vert., 10W
Hiking distance: 2.2km
Hiking duration: 34 min
Ascent: 152m

GPS Track