HB/OW-009 Hochstollen – 2481m, 8 points

Date: 29-09-2013 12:17-13:09 UTC
Joint activation with Paul HB9DST on a nice Saturday in late September. The road to Melchsee-Frutt is open on even hours only and costs a fee of CHF 36. It might therefore be preferable to use the free parking at Stöckalp and take the cable car to Melchsee Frutt (CHF 26.80 two way, CHF 13.40 with half-tax or GA card). There is good information available (also in English) on http://www.melchsee-frutt.ch.
From the top station at Melchsee-Frutt, the path to Hochstollen is well marked and takes about 2 hours (moderately steep). At Abgschütz (about 1h 40min from Melchsee-Frutt) the path splits and it’s not very clear which one to take (see picture below). Both actually lead to Hochstollen eventually, however the path to the right is the official one and more safe. On the summit, there’s plenty of space to set up antennas, also several fence posts that can be used as mast support; there’s also a big summit cross. The summit is quite popular and there were always a couple of other hikers present. If you took the cable car from Stöckalp, be advised that it is in service only until 17:20 (we almost missed it, thanks Paul for the reminder!), so you should leave the summit by 15:30 latest.

QSO: 44 (27 on 40m, 15 on 30m, 1 on 20m, 1 on 12m)
S2S: YO2BP/P (YO/WC-019), DF2GN/P (DM/BW-147), OK1DDQ/P (OK/JC-012), OK1MLP/P (OK/ST-075)
Rig: KX3, 12W, Ant: 10m Vert.
Hiking distance: 5.4km
Hiking duration: 2h 15min
Ascent: 631m
Descent: 64m

GPS Track